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China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, CASIC, is the backbone of national science and technology industry, is a large state-owned hi-tech enterprise under direct administration of central government. It has grown out of the Fifth Academy of the Ministry of Defense in 1956, and gone through a long history with different names of the Ministry of the Seventh Machinery Industry, the Ministry of Aerospace Industry, the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Industry, China Aerospace Corporation, China Aerospace Machinery and Electronics Corporation, and the present one. CASIC owns seven academies, two scientific research and development bases, six public listed companies, and over 620 other companies and institutes scattering nationwide.

CASIC Building

As a large state-owned high-tech enterprise directly managed by the Central Government, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) has now over 150 thousand employees, of which the professional and technical personnel accounts for 70% or so. It involves about 200 disciplines and professional fields, and possesses over 600 enterprises and institutions.

Sticking to the development concept of “Overall defense, overall security”, CASIC has developed a series of high-tech products in aerospace defense, information technology, equipment manufacture and intelligence industry fields by means of its technology superiority, so its strategic position, core competitiveness and social influence are greatly improved. In 2016, CASIC ranked 381st in the top 500 enterprises of the world, 91st in the top 500 enterprises of China, and 31st in the top 100 manufacture enterprises of China. CASIC has been graded A in the CEO’s performances evaluation by the State Council in each of 9 consecutive years, and received “Excellent Performance Prize” and “Technological Innovation Prize” in each of 3 consecutive terms of office.

As the largest missile weapon designer and manufacturer in China, CASIC boasts a comprehensive system for developing, researching and manufacturing air defense missile systems, cruise missile systems, solid rockets, and space products, covering land, sea, air, space and electromagnetism. Up to now, CASIC has successively developed dozens of advanced missile weapons, which contributes greatly to the modernization of China’s national defense weaponry and equipment. CASIC is the main force of China aerospace industry, and has devoted itself to build a space-ground integrated security and support system in manned spaceflight, lunar exploration and other major national projects, featured by microwave measurement radar, γ altitude control device, Space Hospital and Space Kitchen.

In recent years, pursuing the concept of “Extensive Defense and Great Security” and through the successful integration of military and civilian sectors, CASIC has turned out a series of products with military-civilian dual-purpose technology. The intelligent taxation system, security technology system and emergency rescue equipment self-developed by CASIC play an important role in maintaining the secure operation of national economy, in furnishing the security for great events such as Beijing Olympic Games, World Expo Shanghai and Asian Games Guangzhou, and in the quick actions against contingencies and natural disasters.

Advancing towards the future, CASIC will stick to the four strategies of integration of military and civilian sectors, innovation-driven development, self-building with talents, and winning out of quality. CASIC will build itself into a world firstclass aerospace defense corporation by 2020 with space defense as its leading industry, with information technology and equipment manufacture as its major supporting industries, and with its persistent efforts in the innovations in technology, business mode and management. 

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