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CASIC makes its active endeavors to exploit space projects, and has been directly involved in the major national projects such as manned spaceflight and lunar exploration. The solid rocket motors, satellite payloads, satellite-borne components and other aerospace products developed by CASIC are key parts of the launch vehicles and satellites.

Recovery-1 guiding the Shenzhou spacecraft through the blackout range

So far, CASIC has successfully completed every support mission for each spaceflight undertaken by Shenzhou series from Shenzhou-1 to Shenzhou-10. Dozens of stand-alone products, large numbers of industrial basic parts, electronic components and software testing and evaluation services supplied by over 20 companies and institutes under CASIC have provided a space-ground integrated support for achieving all the goals, including accurate injection into orbit, precise docking, stable operation, maintaining good health of the crew in orbit, and safe return, which makes significant contributions to the construction of our beautiful home in space.

CASIC follows the three-phase strategy for the lunar exploration, i.e., orbiting, landing and returning, and its over ten affiliates have provided dozens of stand-alone products, industrial basic parts, electronic components and software testing and evaluation services to render sound technical supports for lunar soft landing, roving and surveying, which greatly contributes to the realization of the Chinese nation’s millennial dream of flying to the moon.

BeiDou emergency rescue and life care system

CASIC has played an active part in the development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), supporting it with rubidium atomic clocks, a large number of industrial basic parts, electronic components, software testing and evaluation services and other ancillary products. It has also carried out some BDS-based ground application projects, and the vehicular integrated intelligent information terminal is now in the demonstrative application stage.
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