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Through its half century’s hard work and continuous exploration, many significant achievements which can be rated as original were developed by CASIC. It has complete aerospace defense manufacturing capacity and establishes national missile defense framework with multi-series, multi-models, all weather and multi-platforms.

In the parade which marked the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, eleven missile models developed by CASIC passed through the magnificent Tiananmen Square, received review of the state leaders and the whole country, showed the new achievements of national defense weaponry building.

CASIC directly participated in "Shenzhou" manned space flights and Chang'e lunar exploration program. Its many aerospace products including solid rocket motors, satellite payloads and components have become indispensable part of the launch vehicles, satellites and manned space program.

CASIC makes good use of its traditional advantage in aerospace and defense to enter the non-conventional safety sector.

CASIC contracted for safety ensuring system of Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Games for University Students in Shenzhen and Tiananmen Square on the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China. It also undertaked the majority of the tasks of Beijing Olympics venue including designing, exploiting, constructing and defending and set up stereoscopic safety control system covering ground, air, the area above the water and in the water.

From “safe Olympics”, “safe Expo” to “safe city”, information technology, safety ensuring system and equipment manufacture capacity which develops from aerospace technology played a very important role in the fields of maintaining economy stableness, guaranteeing the public security and improving manufacture safety.

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