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CASIC radar equipment and technology ranks national first level and are widely used in meteorological observation, traffic control, precision measurement, etc. For manned space program, its Doppler phased array radar achieved notable merits in the smooth recovery of Shenzhou series spaceships.

CASIC has made many breakthroughs in the development of UAVs, unmanned ships and near space aircrafts. Various of bus testing products, intelligent instrument products, long-range trial and failure diagnosis system changed the passive situation of dependenting on imports. Testing, measuring and diagnosing technology basically formed a complete industrial chain.

CASIC owns the anti-counterfeit tax control system which was appraised by the former Premier Zhu Rongji as "invention with Chinese characteristics" and played a crucial role in cracking down on tax evasion, increasing the national tax revenue.

CASIC is the main national supplier of mini satellite ground receiving systems. A satellite application product chain including research, manufacturing, marketing and service has been set up. It becomes one of the crucial power in the fields of satellite communication and navigation.

In the Wenchuan Earthquake relief work, China’s most advanced vehicle-borne mobile satellite information and data transmission vehicle (communicating in moving) and VSAT satellite communication station, which have been developed all by CASIC, have made great contributions to the recovery of telecommunication in disaster-stricken regions and served for the state leaders commanding on site. In corporation with China Mobile, CASIC helped to construct the world’s highest mobile communication station at 6,500 meters above sea level on Mt. Qomolangma, the roof of the world, realizing a barrier-free global communication successfully.
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