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CASIC developed over 130 kinds of special vehicles, including oil tankers, bill-carrying vehicles, aircraft gas refuellers, deep cold and anti-strong corrosion vehicles, overhead working trucks, road sweepers, compression-type garbage trucks, could be manufactured. The mobile communication vehicles, hurry-up wagons, countryside rolling kitchens, tele-medical vehicles played important roles in relief Wenchuan and Yushu earthquake the work of which have become basic ensurance equipment for national emergency and rescue system.

The first military and civilian combined project flat-panel vehicle series (75 tons -95 tons above) which supported by the state - heavy-duty deserves the reputation as the first Chinese “strong man” in loading operations in ports, transportation, shipbuilding, iron and steel industry, etc.

By useing its space technology, CASIC has and successfully developed Beijing 2008 Olympic torch for ground relay and Mt. Qomolangma relay, and gained 16 technology patents and utility patents. The main flare tower, painting scroll and jumbo ball became the characteristics on the opening and closing ceremonies.

CASIC owns its core technology in the fields of high efficiency lithium battery, special fastener, pressure elements, special kind of magnetic material, etc. which are widely used in the fields of SPEQ and outfit system.       CASIC contracted to build the first impulse voltage equipment, which is the highest voltage of 7200kv. Besides, it developed industrial liquid waste automated processing system, large-scale close-type waste transportation system, double-fuel energy-conserving vehicale and enviroment-protective system, water-curing system, etc.

In addition, the aerospace hi-tech has been introduced into the development of modern medical equipments. The capsule production line, anaesthetic machine, respirator, medical standing wave electron straight-line accelerator, etc, all are widely applied in the medical field.


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