In the 64th International Astronautical Congress, the aerospace experts and scholars participating in the congress were deeply impressed by the hospitable service and meticulous care of the young volunteers. These young volunteers consist of three staff of the organizing committee and 23 volunteers from CASIC. They all have full enthusiasm and good overall quality despite of different professional backgrounds. They have provided reliability and strong support for the success of the congress through their hard work.

Even several months before preparation of the congress, three volunteers from CASIC had already gone into the voluntary service work.

Wang Wenping with the No. 23 Institute of the Second Academy of CASIC worked at the office of the organizing committee secretariat. As the first volunteer of the first batch, she almost took part in all works related to the preparation of the congress, namely, from opening up the registration system of the website to website editing, from translation to reception of foreign experts, from the organization of English interview of the experts to reply and answer of e-mails, from the telephone hotline to reception of visits of the IAF officials. All these works were both tedious and meticulous. However, with her good professional basis in English and German and 3-year experience of basic-level tourism and foreign affairs, she had done well in the translation, the construction of the official English website, content editing and other publicity for nearly 10 months.

Both Lv Xueying, with the No.4 Department of the Fourth Academy, and Yang Bosuo, with the No. 310 Institute of the Third Academy, had done well in the voluntary service work. Lv Xueying was primarily responsible for the preparatory work for technical visits and the International Court Competition. Upon receipt of the editing work of the propaganda color pages for technical visits, she had to work overtime or even late at night more than once. However, she made efforts to condense several pages of text and pictures of each unit into 1-2 pages, to simplify the English expression and to beautify the photo editing and layout. As a result, she had been highly appreciated and recognized by the relevant responsible persons.

Yang Bosuo was responsible for collection and sort of background information on the participating companies, content translation of the congress brochures, preparation and submittal of formalities of the participants from the space agencies of various countries for approval by the higher authorities, communication and confirmation of the details for preparation of the congress with the responsible persons of the overseas organizers, etc.. In the process of work and learning together with other volunteers, he had harvested both growth and profound friendship.

When asked about what the greatest feeling is for voluntary work, they have said it's a huge honor to become a volunteer of the organizing committee of the International Astronautical Congress. Through this opportunity, they had met the friends in space community from all corners and enriched the experiences about reception of foreign affairs, translation and undertaking large-scale international conferences. After returning their original units, they will keep trying to enhance the international image of the enterprise, to expand awareness, to promote international exchanges and cooperation and to develop the international market.

Through this period of coexistence and working together, these volunteers from different units have created a small amicable aerospace family which is full of unity everywhere and warmth and care in every detail. Although perhaps you cannot remember all their names, they have welcomed warmly the international guests to arrive and shown the image of Chinese aerospace youth with vigor, and this can reflect the future and hope of China Aerospace furthermore.