On the morning of July 8 (Central European Time), Gao Hongwei and his entourage went to the Science and Technology Parks in Echternach and Contern to visit the factories, headquarters and research centers of the International Electronics & Engineering S.A. (IEE). He investigated and gained a full understanding of logistics management and other related management processes, trial production of new products and operation modes of technology transfer in the factories. He also looked around the research room, the laboratory and the test site of automotive safety sensors to communicate with the front line engineers about new technologies and new ideas.

President Gao Hongwei inspected the IEE company

In the afternoon, Gao Hongwei went to Palais Grand-Ducal and met with the Crown Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Laurent Mosar, the Parliamentary Speaker of Luxembourg. Both parties expressed their willingness to support CASIC in expanding its international business operation in Luxembourg and the EU in the future. Thereafter, Gao Hongwei and his entourage arrived at the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade to meet with Etienne Schneider, Minister of the Economy and Foreign Trade, and to attend a contract-signing ceremony for the project known as “Real-time Intelligent Sensor System Applied to Active Safety”, which is funded by the Luxembourg government for the IEE. The Luxembourg government would provide the IEE with € 2,180,000 for innovation purposes.

Gao Hongwei expressed that CASIC planned to further increase investment in the IEE for its long-term business development and rich product lines to ensure that the IEE can continue to be developed into a technologically-advanced and market-leading company featuring innovative products.