From September 23 to 27, the 64th International Astronautical Congress was held in Beijing. As the main force of China's aerospace industry, adhering to the values of “developing aerospace technology to benefit society”, CASIC actively organized and participated in thematic reports, paper presentations, congress exhibitions, technological visits, international conferences of parliament members, aerospace company seminars and other activities, which promoted learning and experience exchange between aerospace colleagues all around the world, thus fully displaying the positive image of China aerospace.

President Gao Hongwei accompanied the chairman of the International Astronautical Federation
and the leaders of the China National Space Administration to visit the CASIC booth at the 64th

                                 International Astronautical Congress

Throughout the congress, Gao Hongwei, vice chairman of the China Organizing Committee for this congress, gave a keynote speech of Innovation: Strong Engine for Aerospace Technology. He introduced CASIC's main contributions to China’s major aerospace engineering projects and discussed the ideas of innovating the development concepts and promoting the advancement of aerospace technology in the promotion of transformation and application of aerospace technological achievements. Cao Jianguo, general manager of CASIC, met with Kiyoshi Higuchi, chairman of the International Astronautical Federation, as well as Madhavan Nair, chairman of International Academy of Astronautics, at the CASIC headquarters.