The 12th National Games of China was held in Liaoning province from August 31 to September 12. Having successfully safeguarded Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Universiade and Shanghai World Expo, CASIC once again built up a series of security barriers for the 12th National Games and effectively ensured the success of the Games with its highly advanced aerospace technologies.

The Beijing Aerospace ChangFeng Co., Ltd, a company of the Second Academy of CASIC, built the intelligent traffic management system for Shenyang Traffic Management Bureau and the stadium security check system. The Beijing Institute of Environmental Features, another unit of the Second Academy of CASIC, constructed the video monitoring system. The Second Academy established a small slow low-altitude target detection and interception system beside the main stadium. The Hiwing Aviation General Equipment Co., Ltd. of the Third Academy of CASIC actively joined in the UAV Detachment for the security of the National Games.