To meet the requirements of new situation and new tasks, CASIC takes continuous maintenance and promotion of a rapid healthy sustainable development of CASIC as its priority, which means optimizing development ideas, laying more stress on transformation and upgrade, and promoting the start of a new undertaking.

The fifth meeting of CASIC’s Strategic Management Committee

To that end, on August 19, the CASIC’s Strategic Management Committee held the fifth meeting to further study and put forward the overall vision and development path to promote the transformation, upgrade and development during the coming period. The meeting further emphasized the fact that the aerospace defense industry is CASIC’s main business, and the information technology industry and the equipment manufacture industry are the supporting business. CASIC will continue to strengthen its innovation capabilities in technology, business model and management, highlight its main business, and expand its supporting business, in order to develop into a world first-class aerospace defense corporation by 2020, and a first-class transnational corporation in the future.